West Hollywood, California was due for a new cocktail bar and what a better location than the quintessential Sunset Strip. Located beside the historic Whiskey a go-go, Sunset Blvd is the epicenter of music, glamour, and rock n’ roll.  We were ‘super’ excited to take over the 65 person lounge and give It 100% of our creative melon juice. Our task? concept, design and develop the brand from the ground up around an Asian theme to coincide with the client’s sole request. Since the space was super intimate and small, we wanted to go big with the small space.
Our main goal was to create a space and brand that was the modern day version of the Gaslight cafe of the 60s - a hub for locals, creatives, artists and musicians in an elegant setting. Inspired by the sophisticated train car lounge of the Orient Express, the Choo Choo Cocktail Club was born.Oriental Maximalism to the 9s, classic modern mixology, deco decor elements and a color palette that is identifiable as the lounge’s muse, the peacock, a symbol of the ming dynasty. 
From a complete brand identity to implementing a cocktail program with one of LA’s premier mixologist brands to the development of the culture, event programming, marketing and music curation behind the brand. 
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