Celebrating over a decade of being the go to creative agency in Miami for branding, design, brand activations, experiential events, social media, content & influencer marketing. As a hybrid creative studio, we specialize in modern lifestyle brands in hospitality, retail, leisure, wine and spirits.
We get to collaborate with local to global brands, agencies, PR firms, start-ups, creatives, strategic thinkers, designers and architects, street artist, musicians, and international dj's to create and produce unforgettable experiences, 360º advertising campaigns, environmental design, online content development, event launches, promotions and publicity stunts. We have the flexibility and resources to work efficiently in any major market (Miami, NYC, Los Angeles).
With our sharp strategy & witty approach, we are successful at producing image conscious campaigns with high visibility that are both, organic, approachable and that ultimately generate, the best buzz in and around town.
Michelle Leshem
Foundress / Creative Director / Programming
Originally hailing from Toronto, Canada, Michelle Leshem, had some other plan in mind, while receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology at York University. She gained her first affinity for marketing and production for both nightlife and lifestyle brands 16 years ago.
With her years of experience in developing, managing and marketing brands, to designing experiential events, Leshem noticed a void in the Miami market and began focusing on multidisciplinary design inclusive of visual merchandising to environmental and set design, as an extension to brand development thus building a brand’s identity and message from the ground up. She has worked on the concept, fabrication and environmental design for retailers, trade shows, bars and lounges and advertising.
Together with her partner, Sean Drake, and the Chief Bark Officer, Kismet, she practices her innate passion to conceptualize, curate and tell the story behind the design + storytelling for retailers, wine, and spirits, hospitality and lifestyle products.
Sean Drake
Co-Founder/ Creative & Art Director / Graphic Design
A homegrown Floridian, with a hunger for the continental, Drake gained enrollment into the prestigious Miami Ad School in 1995, where he honed his skills in ideation, art direction, photo design, advertising, package design, and web design, where Sean also mastered his graphic design skills.
Feeling the need to inject a sense of honest, intelligent and sharp wit into the development of brands, design, and advertising. Sean Drake is the source behind SuperMarket Creative’s ethos of clean, fresh, classic design that is forward thinking yet approachable. Sean has created a broad portfolio from multiple publication designs, Identity systems, web projects to simple one-off promotional campaigns, and interior environmental design for hospitality concepts.
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