Who we are?

Our Motto

Your creative shop for branding, design, web, marketing and experiential events. As a hybrid creative studio, we specialize in modern lifestyle brands in hospitality, retail, leisure, wine and spirits. You could say we have a pretty fun job. We get to collaborate with local to international brands, start ups, creatives, strategic thinkers, designers and architects to create and produce unforgettable concepts, advertising campaigns, environmental design, online user experiences, event launches, promotions and publicity stunts. With our sharp strategy & witty approach, we are successful at producing image conscious campaigns with high visibility that are both, organic, approachable and that ultimately generate, the best buzz in and around town!

What we do?

Marketing , Promotions and Advertising

We put your brand center stage. From research and development, strategy, marketing plans, copywriting to online marketing, we will develop an effective marketing and promotional program to develop and expose your brand, help drive traffic, increase sales and create cross promotional relationships on both a local and national level. Our fresh database of over 10,000 and a built in audience, enables us to not only get your brand out there to the mass but directly to our niche audience - your influencers.

Brand Development and Graphic Design

What does your brand stand for? Whether you are in need of developing your brand or revitalizing it; we'll make sure to highlight your brand's uniqueness. Our goal is to secure profitability and sustainability. We will identify, research, understand, develop and position your brand from the inside out. Our multidisciplinary agency enables us to not leave one stone unturned. With our in-house graphic, web development and package design team, we ensure consistency in everything we do, most importantly, your own branded environment.

Public Relations

What came first marketing or public relations? Luckily, with our agency, we practice a variety of public relations facets from media outreach and relations, product launches, media tours, publicity stunts, photo opportunities, media kits, copywriting and gift bags.

Social Media

With the popular onset of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, A SmallWorld and LinkedIn to name a few, word travels faster than the newspaper at your doorstep. The growth of social media has impacted the way audiences receive information. Our social media audience spans over 3,000 and increases daily. Sharing is caring. We'd love to show your brand how far we could share the message, the experience...your movement by developing your social Strategy & Identity.

Branded Environmental Design

An extension of your brand's identity and experience is a multi-disciplinary approach to interior design. We like to call this service, 'creating your brand's abode.' There is nothing we love more than to be a part of the conceptualization of your brand's vision. The strategic path to developing a brand begins from its inception. Whether that's creating your mood board to being your on-site design consultants, we pride ourselves on our ability to be as versatile when it comes to communicating a brand's message - your customers experience. We work very closely with architects and designers to help develop the environmental design-story of your brand. Our experience spans from hotels nightclubs, lounges to retail storefronts.


Whether it's a private or corporate event, a concert, a grand opening or a runway show, our combined 20 years in the events industry enables us to consistently create stellar events from conceptualization, design, decor, entertainment, location scouting, celebrity wrangling, permitting to fulfilling many other production needs. Our built in audience, enables us to strategically get your event noticed before it even starts, with the right media outreach to marketing and promotions.

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Client: Cafeina
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Dolce Gabbana

Client: Dolce Gabbana
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